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3 Axis CNC Retrofit for Knee Mills

DIY Knee Mill Retrofit
Compu-Cut Retrofit RFQ.htm
Compu-Cut Features
Bridgeport EZ Trak Or Boss Upgrade
Rigid Tapping Adapter
Technical Items
Z Axis CNC Quill Kit
CNC XY Brackets
CNC XY Ball Screws
CNC Yoke
CNC Auto Lube Pump
CNC XY Limit Switch Kit
Visi-Series CADCAM
Used Equipment
Monster End Mills
A one CNC Knee Mill
Acra Machinery
Centroid Users Forum
Fagor DRO's
Align Power Feeds
Torque-Rite Drawbar
AC Pro Drive
Hench Fog Buster
Sumitomo Carbide
Saylor Beall
MillWrite V6
VCarve CAM Engraving
Interesting Links
Mill Parts for Sale



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Did you know that our new Smart-Stop option can fit your existing quill drive? If you own a Bridgeport Eztrak or newer CNC we can fit your quill drive with our Smart-Stop. It is the missing link when your quill drive is used in the dis-connected mode of operation!

Dwayne Elrod Webmaster 

Knee Mill Retrofit  The Route 66  Knee Mill Retrofit   

3 Axis CNC Retrofit

Knee Mill Retrofit Kit using the Centroid

All-In-One CNC Controller Kit

Build your own Controller using your own PC with the Centroid "All-In-One" DC Controller  and our Elrod CNC Hardware.

Now, You can have a working 3 Axis CNC for as low as $13,497.00! Download the new brochure

All pricing subject to change without notice.

Elrod #DIY-AIO Knee Mill Retrofit Kit Includes The Following:

Centroid V2.68 Major changes include:

Standard CNC Software Package for new control sales NOW INCLUDES:

bulletElrod Quill Drive
bulletPowder Coat $150.00  (Optional)
bulletSmart-Z $794.00 (Optional For Z Axis Feedback when dis-connected)
bulletElrod XY Bracket Kit
bulletPowder Coat $150.00 (Optional)
bulletBall Screws
bulletXY Limit Switches $679.00 (Optional, Switches are not required to run a Centroid this is an option)
bulletAuto Way Lube Pump $295.00 (Optional, but required if you purchase Elrod ball screws )
bulletCentroid All-In-One DC CNC Controller Kit
bullet(3) 29 In. Lb. DC Motors With Cables

  • XY Skew correction feature added. This is controlled by parameters 270 and 271.
  • Official support for AD2 mode (Acceleration/Deceleration #2), which should reduce banging and clunking on 3 axis routers. Parameters 220 - 229 now control this feature.
  • File size limits for CNC programs run without the Unlimited File Size feature has been increased to 4Mb.
  • The following extra-cost options have now been converted to standard features:
    • WCS #1-6
    • Compression Tapping
    • Cutter Comp
    • Drilling Cycles
    • Multi-Range Spindle
    • Spindle Speed
    • Laser/Screw Comp
    • 4th Axis
    • Subroutines and Macros

Additionally, all other software and accessory pricing has been dramatically reduced.

Route 66 Compu-Cut Knee Mill Retrofit Kits 

Model Number                      Description

Rte66-Ecokit #1                    2-Axis Kit $13,497.00 (M39S Style Config. with Jog Panel, PC Supplied)

Rte66-EcoKit #2                   3-Axis Kit  $14,740.00 (M39S Style Config. with Keyboard Jogging, Your PC, Monitor and Keyboard)

Rte66-EcoKit #3                   3-Axis Kit $17.120.00 (M39S Style Config. with Jog Panel, 64 Bit PC, Your Monitor and Keyboard)

Rte66-M39S Kit                    3-Axis Kit $20,420.00 (M39S Style Config. with M Functions and all Elrod Hardware options incl.)

Rte66-M400S Kit                  3-Axis Kit  $21,944.00 (M400S Style Config. with M Functions and all Elrod Hardware options incl.)

Prices do not include shipping


Why do you want to purchase from Elrod Machine?

What our customers are telling us

Companies that build CNC controllers want to sell their controllers, and  the hardware that is needed is nothing more than a nuisance to them. Consequently they produce the hardware as cheap as they can.
What you the customer gets is a good controller with mediocre hardware that does not perform as it could.
Their engineering efforts are not mechanical they are used for enhancing the control's operations.
Elrod has been building their own CNC Retrofit Hardware for years, our emphasis when we build a machine or
a CNC Retrofit package is mechanical first then we picked the controller.

  • Our products were built for our own purpose before we offered them for sale.
  • Buy  factory direct no "middle man".
  • EMM uses only premium components in our kits such as steel taper lock pulleys instead of Plain bore pulleys.
  • We support what we sell,  your questions will be answered .


Made in U.S.A. BP Series 1 Retrofitted with Route 66 Compu-Cut using the M400S


Bridgeport by Hardinge Oriental Frame with U.S.A. Made Head.

Retrofitted with our Route 66 Compu-Cut using the M400S



Inside the basic wired MPU11S  Style Cabinet     M400 and M39 Console and Monitor / Keyboard Tray Mounting Options

If your machine or the cnc hardware is not mechanically sound no controller will perform well on it.

Route 66 Compu-Cut Brochure

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Customers Completed Retrofit Kits  

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Video A longer version with more info is available on CD please E Mail us if you would like one sent to you!

Video If you have fast internet access here is the longer version with more info, it will take a while to download.

Let us quote you a kit

ZAxis on the Quill or Z Axis on the Knee?

Pay Back Calculator

Parts cut using Route 66 Compu-Cut Retrofit and Visi-Series

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