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The Leading Manufacturer Of CNC Knee Mill Retrofit Hardware and Retrofit Kits  

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News Flash!

Starting on Feb. 11th all CENTROID MPU11 based CNC control systems will be using Windows 7 as the operating system, the Linux OS will no longer be offered or supported for MPU11 based systems.

Many of the good reasons for using Linux as a CNC control operating system have now been eliminated by Windows 7 and modern faster/better PC hardware.  It has now also reached the the point in which Windows 7 offers advantages over the Linux as a CNC control OS. The menu structure and the look and feel of the CENTROID CNC software remains the same.

All previously shipped MPU11 system are upgradeable to the new Windows 7 version.  Please call 928-526-9032 or email for instructions on how to do so.


Some of the advantages of the Windows 7 OS are as follows:


1. Motherboard support (wide variety of MB's work with Win7)

2. Touch Screen support

3. USB Drive Support

4. Accessory driver support

5. Remote Desktop Functionality

6. Easy Networking

7. Windows File Saving, user familiarity

8. Num Locks turning off between screens

9. Nedit problems, now use any editor that runs on windows.

You can now use EditNC the serious CNC progammer's editor on your Control!

10. CENTROID can concentrate on developing software for one operating system.

11. Solid State drive health support improves HUD reliability

12. Graphic driver support, (better g code backplots)


Dwayne Elrod Webmaster

Centroid CNC

Centroid CNC11 V 3.04 Windows:

Standard CNC11 Software Package for new control sales NOW INCLUDES:

  • XY Skew correction feature added. This is controlled by parameters 270 and 271.
  • Official support for AD2 mode (Acceleration/Deceleration #2), which should reduce banging and clunking on 3 axis routers. Parameters 220 - 229 now control this feature.
  • File size limits for CNC programs run without the Unlimited File Size feature has been increased to 4Mib.
  • The following extra-cost options have now been converted to standard features:
    • WCS #1-6
    • Compression Tapping
    • Cutter Comp
    • Drilling Cycles
    • Multi-Range Spindle
    • Spindle Speed
    • Laser/Screw Comp
    • 4th Axis
    • Subroutines and Macros

    Note that WCS #7-18 are still extra-cost options labeled as "Extended WCS".

DIY Kits using your own PC Save $$$ 

   Use this system for your own Knee mill or lathe retrofit.

DC All In One S System Configuration 110VAC

All-In-One DC Control featuring an MPU11 motion controller, 3-Axis DC servo drive (expandable to 6 axes), and expandable PLC I/O all in one affordable unit.

DC All In One Kit 

 Use this unit in an existing cabinet of an outdated CNC

CENTROID is pleased to announce a new All-In-One DC Control featuring an MPU11 motion controller, 3-Axis DC servo drive (expandable to 6 axes), and expandable PLC I/O all in one affordable unit. Introductory list price for the All-In-One DC with CENTROID software will be $1995 USD. This represents a significant savings when compared to the current equivalent list price of a DC3IOB + MPU11 + software for $2664.

Third Party Drive Kit  


Available for use with any 3rd party drives that accept +/-10v, including Yaskawa, Delta, Glentek, Sanyo Denki, Panasonic, Maxsine and more, is CENTROID's MPU11-based 3rd party drive kit. The standard board-level kit includes an MPU11 motion controller, GPIO4D drive interface/PLC (with 16/16 I/O standard), and CENTROID CNC control software for $2249 USD. This kit is equipped to handle 4 axes standard, and can be expanded to 8 axes with the addition of an Optic4 card.

Fanuc Kit  

CENTROID has recently successfully tested an MPU11 system with Fanuc Yellow-Cap motors and drives, opening up many retrofit opportunities.  Now you can reuse existing Yellow-Cap motors and drives (including spindle).  Note also that this system is also capable of running other 3rd-party drives simultaneously with the Fanuc ones.  For example, consider a 3-axis Fanuc system -- to add a 4th axis, you can use any other supported 3rd-party drive (not just Fanuc).

Elrod Machine is also known as Centroid Southwest Sales and Service

New Complete Centroid Controls now shipping with Windows 7 with PC in the cabinet option. If you choose an allinonePC on the M39S it will be Windows 8 !

Intercon now has an optional DXF Import feature.

MPU11 System In M39S $11,471.00 (Keyboard Jogging)with spindle S function and EditNC included!

Want to use you own computer with Windows 7? Subtract $950.00 from the above price!

MPU11 System In M400S $13,918.00 with spindle S function and EditNC included !

Freight $400.00 Approx.

Upgrade your  Linux Control to CNC11 Windows! Call us today for pricing


Inside the basic wired MPU11S  Style Cabinet     M400 and M39 Console and Monitor / Keyboard Tray Mounting Options


Centroid Videos

M Series Mill Basic Training Video

M-400 CNC control for Milling machines  With 5000 operational CNC controls in the field CENTROID has a proven track record of performance and reliability. No other control give you so much return on your investment. From day in and day out reliable operation to giving you the capability to produce parts efficiently the CENTROID CNC control is unmatched. You have to drive it to believe it, the ease of use alone saves you thousands and allows you to actually do those advanced CNC functions that everyone is bragging about. CENTROID manufactures its own CPU's, motor amplifiers, PLC's and software so it all works together well making your user experience straight forward

M400S Brochure

Turn-key 5 Axis CNC Cylinder head porting system.
You have to see it to believe it. True 5 axis CNC cylinder head digitizing and porting, We offer the complete package everything you need to start making horsepower! This new system is simply the best way to port and shape Intake, Exhaust and Combustion chambers.

                                                    M15 Upgrade to CNC11    Inside Upgrade Cabinet


M39S Brochure

CAD to CNC, DXF file import with Intercon Conversational.
Convert DXF files into G code with CENTROID's Intercon conversational programming software. NO CAD/CAM system necessary. Fast and simple, this new feature allows you to create parts directly from a CAD file on the control or on your desktop PC. You can even combine any or all of your CAD file with any conversational events. This is the most flexible way to take advantage of both CAD/CAM like programming with the simplicity of conversational. This new feature saves you both time and money, less expensive than a CAD/CAM system, much easier to learn with faster results. more CAD to CNC info here...



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