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EditNC Version 10.1016

Now with Re-PostE! You can repost Gcode to different machines, translate, rotate, create setup sheets and much much more. All from within EditNC10.

The price for this upgrade is $299.00 September special offer $250.00

editNC10 "The NC Programmers Editor of Choice"

SKU# editNC

Description: "The NC Programmers Editor of Choice" provides for large files, multiple documents, file compare, text coloring, sequencing & formatting, smart searches, spaces, transformations, calculators, reference charts, analysis, g-macro, dnc and nc backplotter.

editNC Advantages


Reliable (first release 1993 and thousands of users), High performance even with large files (90MB tested),  Easy to use & maintain (single executable and its related help files), cost effective (inexpensive product and no maintenance fees), and much more.

Shipping:  Download Only
Price:  $250.00 US (Downloadable demo)

Download your working demo copy here (After unlocking it becomes a real copy of EditNC10)

G-Macro for editnc Now Included

G-Macro for editNC

Macro language interface for editNC. 

  • uses macro language is similar to that used by many CNC controls, macro incorporates graphics (bmp) for ease of use, create family of parts applications, create user defined cycles and calculators, automate repetitive functions and processes, prove out macro programs for cnc controls.

G-Macro Advantages


Direct from manufacturer of editNC (NFR Partners), cost effective (inexpensive product and no maintenance fees), common macro language (similar to many CNC controls), and much more. 


Third Party Reference Material


FANUC CNC CUSTOM MACROS: Programming Resources for Fanuc Custom Macro B Users By Peter Smid and Published by Industrial Press (Price $49.95 + shipping).

Shipping: Download Only (See editNC download)


(c) Copyright 2007 {Elrod Machine}. All Rights Reserved.

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