Creating a Network

  • If not already connected, create the network using cables, hubs, switches, routers, etc.
    • Simple network configurations:
      1. Control and one computer, direct connection: Use an Ethernet Cat 5 crossover cable.
      2. Control and one or more computers, via hub/switch: Use Cat 5 straight-through Ethernet cables.
  • Be sure to mark any crossover cable as such with permanent red ink.
  • You should have lighted "link" indicator lights on all switch and computer connections. This is a good indication that you have connectivity but it is not a guarantee.
  • Consult Windows XP Help and other resources for network setup assistance and trouble-shooting.
  • Make sure that the computers can share files with one another before attempting to access shared folders from CNC10. If the computers cannot access each other's shared network files, neither will CNC10.
  • Verify that all network cables and equipment connecting the control to the network are working before you physically hook up the control.

Using the XP Network Setup Wizard

  1. On your Windows XP machine, go to "Start", "Control Panel".
  2. If viewing by category, as shown below, click on "Network and Internet Connections". Click on "Setup or change your home or small office network".
    1. If using the "classic" view, as shown below, double-click on "Network Connections". Click on "Set up a home or small office network".
    2. 4. The Network Setup Wizard will start.
  3. Click "Next" and answer all the questions about your network. All scenarios listed in the Network Setup Wizard are compatible with CNC10. If you do not have an Internet connection through your computer or another computer on the network or you are connecting direct from the control to a laptop computer, you may select "Other" when asked how to best describe your network.
  4. When the following screen appears, be sure to note the Computer Name (circled in red, below.) CNC10 will need the computer name in order to connect to it.
  5. You will be required to restart your computer after the Network Setup Wizard completes.

Making a Network Setup Disk

When the Network Setup Wizard is near completion, it will ask you if you wish to create a Network Setup Disk. You should make a Network Setup Disk if any computer on your network is running Windows 98, 2000 or ME. To run the disk on another computer, insert the disk into the computer and double-click on the NETSETUP.EXE file on the Network Setup Disk.

It is possible to create a Network Setup Disk without running the Network Setup Wizard. For information on how to do this, go to Windows XP Help and Support and search for "network setup disk".

Sharing Files with CNC10

The following example demonstrates how to set up the Shared Documents folder as a shared folder on the network. Click on "Start" then "My Computer".

Right-click on the "Shared Documents" folder and select "Sharing and Security".

Check the box "Share this folder on the network". Check the "Allow network users to change my files" if you want CNC10 to be able to save files in this folder.

Note: The Share Name circled in red, above. CNC10 will need to know both the Computer Name and Share Name in order to access files in this folder. The example above uses the "Shared Documents" folder; however, you may share any folder on your computer. Refer to Windows XP Support and Help for more information.

Accessing Windows Shared Folders from CNC10

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  • From the CNC10 directory type the following: "edit" (Absolute path is "/cncroot/c/cnc10/".)
  • Add lines for each share. Each line must contain: /// ""
  • For example: //winxp1/shareddocs g "username=guest" //winserver/cnc e "username=joe,password="
  • Save the file and go back into CNC10 software.
  • Make sure that the “Remote Drive & Directory” is set to the drive letter used in the file in the Control Configuration Setup, Configuration, password 137, and Control Config. (Ex. g: ) Note: Do not call the shared directory from the control configuration, only call drive letter.
  • Shut down and restart the control. Shares will be mounted at startup.
  • Access a share by its "drive" letter from the CNC10 load menu.

* CNC10 and CNC Linux are trademarks of Centroid Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. "Windows" and related trademarks are the property of Microsoft.

Setting up a Static IP Address Network

  1. Edit the “ifcfg-eth0 file, type: edit /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0
  2. At the “Bootproto” line change the “dhcp” to “none”.
  3. All these need specified values from the remote PC:

IPaddress- Need available IP address from the network Gateway- Gateway and Netmask can be obtained from the remote PC by going out to command Netmask (or Submask)prompt and typing “ipconfig”.

Note: If networking multiple controls you will need a different IPaddress for each control.

4. The file will still need to be created, just like setting up a “dhcp” network. To do this type: edit Then add a line with following information: /// “username=guestex. //Centroid1/shareddocs d “username=guestor //XPserver/cncfiles g “username=joe,password=” If a username and password exist.