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Customers Parts Cut Using Our Kits

Here is an example of parts made using the Visi-Series and cut using one of our Route 66 Task Master CNC Mills

or a Route 66 Compu-Cut Retrofit.

As more pictures of parts are sent or submitted to us by our customers we will be adding them to this page.

Dcp_0131.JPG (15706 bytes)

Produced by Lowell Observatory

Dcp_0071.JPG (23600 bytes)

Programmed by Elrod Machine & cut at Phoenix Tool Show

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Sales tool for W.L. Gore and Associates


Kahleft.JPG (14739 bytes)   Visi.JPG (35805 bytes)    Visi Render.JPG (26228 bytes)  Low Res Kahtoola3.JPG (14967 bytes)

The Finished Part! This is 2.4 inches long x 1" wide

Kahtoola wanted to make a coining stamp. But all they had to work with was the JPEG.

So we made a raster to vector conversion and imported the DXF that was made into Visi.

We then put toolpaths on the part and they cut a stamp out of A2 and hardened it.

Kahtoola is a company that makes cramp ons for shoes.

Kahtoola is a registered trade mark of Kahtoola Inc.


P1070005.jpg (9560 bytes)     P1070006.jpg (9801 bytes)    P1070007.jpg (9056 bytes)

This part was cut by one of our customers

Chris Lewis the owner of Lewis Machine. He has an Acer with one of our

EMM / Centroid Retrofit Kits and programmed using The Visi-Series.

It can be seen on our customers mills page linked in the retrofit page.


Parts made for bolt action hunting rifle.

Our customer shot a hot load in his rifle breaking these parts.

So we took dimensions off parts from an identical rifle.

Modeled and programmed these parts in The Visi-Series and cut them on one of our machines using the Centroid CNC control.

Dcp_0268.jpg (159101 bytes) Dcp_0270.jpg (113558 bytes) Dcp_0271.jpg (85978 bytes)

Gun 1.jpg (15593 bytes) Gun 2.jpg (25904 bytes)


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