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Route 66 Compu-cut customers

Examples of Customers mills using the EMM/Centroid Retrofit Package using the M39 or M400S

Route 66 Compu-Cut Retrofit at UC Berkley

Mechanical Engineering Student Machine Shop

Instructor Gordon Long

Hi Dwayne,
Here are some pictures of our completed retrofit.
The mill works great! I really like the M400 controller.
It's been a total pleasure doing business with you.
From the beginning, you have been quick to respond with clear communication, expert advice
and knowledgeable answers to my questions while I was doing the retrofit.
I'm pleased that you have first hand working knowledge of your products.
Your components are top notch in every detail from fit to finish.
The paint on your castings even matches the paint on my mill!
When my students and co-workers see the mill, they are impressed and eager to learn how to
use the control. Thanks for the excellent support.
I look forward to our continued relations.
Gordon Long
Student Machine Shop
U.C. Berkeley Mechanical Engineering

Acer1.JPG (277880 bytes)    Acer2.JPG (237141 bytes)

Acer3.jpg (203049 bytes)

Acer 3VKH  "E" mill with EMM / Centroid M39 Retrofit kit

Lewis Machine's CNC

Chris Lewis

511 7th St.

Hudson, SD 57034


E Mail


tiltroto2.JPG (73681 bytes)

tiltroto1.JPG (81362 bytes)

Bridgeport Series 1 9x42 Table using EMM / Centroid M39 with 4th Axis

Frazier Machine

Jack Frazier

8345 Kyle St.

Sunland, CA 91040

PH 818-352-8251 Fax 818-352-9012

E Mail


University Of Houston

Builder Mr. Stephen Bennett

Route 66 Compu-Cut Retrofit Package

University of Houston CNC_image1_2.JPG (20312 bytes) University of HoustonCNC_image2_2.JPG (20513 bytes)

Well, I just completed the kit and It works great. I love the travel limits,
that is so kool.

Route 66 Compu-Cut installed on a Series 1 Bridgeport.

This kit turned out great!

Dcp_621.jpg (64817 bytes)

Customer Los Alamos National Lab

Route 66 Compu-Cut installed on a Series 1 Bridgeport and we retrofitted a Hardinge HLV to give this customer a complete Elrod / Centroid tool room application.

These kits turned out great!

Mohonasen High School

Builder / Instructor Ken McDermith

E Mail


First of all I want to thank you for the tremendous amount of support that
you have given us.  We surely wouldn't have been able to pull this project
off without you.  I know we took a lot more of your time than a typical
client.  I left you a voice mail the other day telling you that we are off
and running.  We cut a few parts on Weds.  The control package is
exceptional in ease of use and function.  I can't believe how easy it is to
run this machine.  In addition to cutting parts we have also already used
the TT1 and the digital proble.  I know we will enjoy this machine for many
 Please accept my sincere thanks for your
continued support, you are true professional.


Ken McDermith
Mohonasen High School.



Peter Finnoff

Fairbanks, Alaska

Enco Mill Retrofitted with a Route 66 Compu-Cut Package



This Bridgeport is now a real time saver with the NEW Centroid Version 8.21

One shot codes make tool making and prototyping a snap!


Abbott Labs

Tool Maker  / Engineer Mr. Ron Miller

Millennium Edition Bridgeport

Retrofitted with our Route 66 Compu-cut



Infinity Center LLC

Dragoon AZ

Alan and Yalana Rhea

E Mail

Route 66 Compu-Cut on Acra AM3V

Centroid M39 Control

Task Master #3 at Total Tool in Tucson, AZ

Perm Machine & Tool E Mail:

Tom Bober / Lee Milazoi

"The installation was easier the we thought. Tech support was outstanding. Very pleased about the purchase of this product."

This was an old 2 Axis EZ Trak and it was Retrofit with a Centroid M400S and our

QU1C Quill Drive was used with our Smart-Z and our Smart-Stop

Fragoso Inc

Route 66 Compu-cut DIY Knee Mill Retrofit Kit

This is way overdue, but nonetheless, Thank You for your help in converting my Bridgeport into the machine that it is today. The CNC retrofit could not have gone any smoother! The quality of your hardware/mounting kits are first class.

I was searching for a CNC upgrade option for my mill but others REQUIRED that the kit be installed by a certified installer. The fact that I was able to do the install myself was extremely gratifying and even more importantly saved me some serious money. The success of the installation would not have been possible without the support that you gave me over the phone. The fact that you provided me with your mobile phone # and not just an office # speaks highly of your superb customer service. 

The combination of the Centroid package and your kit have been a pleasure to work with. I can now honestly say "How did I live without a CNC mill". It sounds cliche but it is so true, it has  been a huge time saver. Not only are parts machined faster but I can also be productive (on another task) while the part is being machined! One more thing that I must mention for all those out there that have never operated a CNC machine before, I knew nothing about programming on a CNC before this. 

Thanks again Dwayne,

Jesus Chuy Fragoso
Fragoso, Inc.



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