Elrod Machine Route 66 Compu-Cut Features
Modes Of Operation
3 axis cnc (Full 3 Axis Simultaneous) YES
2 axis cnc YES
"Real Feel In The Cut" manual mode YES
This is not an electronic handwheel
4th axis upgradeable (Full 4 Axis Simultaneous When Installed) YES
Controller Features
USB File Import YES
Ethernet Connectivity To MS Network YES
Operating System Windows 7 YES
64 Bit PC with 2 gig Ram and Solid State HD YES
15" Color Non Glare LCD YES
Full PLC W/ M Functions M3-M5, M7-M9 and more! YES
Prog, Spindle Speeds W/ auto on/off YES
No Auxillary Box Needed! YES
Std. Software & Options
Conversational Prog. With cycles below YES
(Drilling Cycles, Rect. Pkt., Circ. Pkt, Irregular Pkt,
Frame, Face, Thread Mill, Rotate, Depth Repeat,
Linear Array Repeat)
One Shot Features for Fast Operations YES
(Drill BHC, Drill Array, Rect. Pkt., Circ. Pkt., Frame
Mill, Face Mill, Quick Set X, Y and Z buttons)
DXF Import Opt.
G Code Compatible YES
Cutter Comp. Std
File Size 4 Meg. Std. Optional Unlimited File Size YES
Mult. Work Coord. Std
Subroutines & Macs Std
Coord. Sys. Rotate (Skew Axis) Opt.
Rigid Tapping (Optional But Yes RT on a Knee Mill!) Opt.
Comp. Tapping Std
Drilling Cycles Std
Digitize Ready Opt.
Auto Tool Offsets Opt.
Tool Offset Table with 200 Tool Offsets Dia. and Length YES
Probing Opt.
Processing 600BPS 2000 line lookahead YES
Cut 3D programs easily! YES
Hardware Features
Patented Quill Drive Mounting System YES
Does not mount with tramming bolts
Swivel the head and never misalign the Quill Drive
Quill Drive Quick Disconnect YES
With "Real Feel" when disconnected
Smart-Z on the Quill (Patented) YES
This feature gives you Z Axis Feedback when the
Z Axis is Disconnected
Smart-Stop (Patented) YES
This feature gives you back your quill stop!
Very handy when the Quill Drive is disconnected
Hand Wheels on X&Y Axis Motor Bracket Kits YES
In Manual Mode You Really "FEEL" the cut
Heavy Duty Yoke  & Precision Ground XY Ball Screws YES
This prevents Y Axis "Springy Lash"
Auto Way Lube Pump YES
Protects your investment
Hard Limit Switches YES
Elrod Machine Rigid Tapping Adapter    Pat. Pending Opt.
Rigid Tap on your knee mill just like a VMC!
Maxi Torque Rite Power Draw Bar Made In U.S.A. Opt. Incl. On
Can be used with Above Option TM#3 & TM#4 CNC Mills