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The Leading Manufacturer Of CNC Knee Mill Retrofit Hardware and Retrofit Kits


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Compu-Cut M400S Standard Kit

M400S Standard Kit: The Centroid Flagship Controller! This is also a simple yet powerful kit. Your spindle and coolant or mister  are actuated with M Functions M3-M5 and M7-M9 when needed. Machine homes to hard wired limit switches and also uses software travel limits for over travel protection and G code Backplot verification. Your PC will be supplied by Centroid in the console and a jog panel is on the right side for operation use.  All Elrod products are included with this option.

1.PC Supplied By Centroid 64 bit PC with Windows 7, 2 Gig of Ram             

2.Monitor 15" Color LCD and Keyboard Supplied By Centroid

3.Operator Jog Panel Supplied On Console

4.Home To Limit Switches Supplied with your kit

5.M Functions M3-M5 (Spindle) and M7-M9 (Coolant and Mister)

6.Auto Way Lube Pump Supplied

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