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Imagine, having only one CAD/ CAM/ CAE package to take care of all your manufacturing needs from Design, Documentation, Analysis and Machining. No jumping in between programs or having programs that run inside other programs. The Visi-Series is the answer!

VISI-Series™ Software - The only fully integrated CAD/CAM/CAE system designed and developed for the tooling industry implementing advanced strategies and solutions. VISI-Series™ products give a clear competitive edge in today's tough market along with eliminating the need for various software suppliers. Expect production and quality improvement with an increase in profitability.

VISI-Series™ is acknowledged as one of the world's leading PC based design and manufacturing solutions for the tooling industry. It offers a unique combination of applications, fully integrated wireframe, surface and solid modeling, comprehensive 2D and 3D machining strategies with high speed routines and dedicated tool design for plastic injection and progressive dies.

Vero Software is a company that creates and distributes CAD / CAM / CAE software for aiding the design and manufacturing process in specific sectors of the industry with a knowledge driven focus on Mould & Die. The specific sectors include the design and manufacture of plastic injection moulds, sheet metal stamping dies, progressive dies, 2D > 5-axis milling, electrode production, multi-axis laser cutting, Wire EDM and others. These widespread product types are in turn to be found in a multitude of manufacturing industry sectors such as automotive, electronic, medical, white goods and aerospace.

Vero Software has offices in Italy, England, Japan, France, Canada, USA and China. The company now has a user base that numbers more than 20,000 and supplies products to more than 40 countries through its wholly owned subsidiaries and competence centers.


Vero Software, a leading provider of CAD/CAM/CAE solutions for the tooling industry, is pleased to announce the merger of Vero Software and Planit Holdings, a leading developer of CAD/CAM software for the production engineering, sheet metal, metal fabrication and woodworking sector.

The Planit Group offers its software products globally under the Edgecam, Alphacam, Cabinet Vision, CabnetWare, Javelin and Radan brands.

The combination of Vero and Planit creates the world’s leading CAM specialist, and third largest CADCAM vendor - only behind Dassault System's and Siemens PLM *. The merger of the two organizations will provide the platform to build even stronger products through significantly enhanced development capabilities and further extend a growing influence on the global market.

Commenting on the acquisition, Richard Smith, CEO of Vero Software says, "Across the enlarged Group, the complementary products address the worldwide need for CAD/CAM/CAE technology in a large variety of focused manufacturing processes enabling us to accelerate our growth. With greater critical mass we will be able to continue to provide excellent service and support to both existing and new customers. We fully recognize the importance of product branding and customer loyalty, and therefore, it is important to emphasis that we will continue to invest in all of the products. We will move forward together with the expertise, knowledge and resources necessary to deliver even higher levels of productivity to our customers."

The merger has been funded by Battery Ventures (Boston, USA) who have been investing for more than 25 years in technology-driven companies and work hard with management to build their presence into global market leaders.

Dave Tabors, General Partner at Battery Ventures comments, "We are pleased to enter into this transaction with Planit, and are excited about the prospects ahead for the combined group. We believe that both Vero and Planit have been following a very smart strategy in a highly fragmented market. With strong products, a high quality management team, and the respect of its customer base worldwide, the company is well positioned for future growth - both organically and through acquisition."

* Source : CIMData

Brochures of Visi Modules

Modeling Modules

2011 Visi Modeling  Hybrid Modeling Easy to use and learn with NO history tree to deal with!

2011 Visi Advanced Modeling

2011 Visi Analysis

2011 Visi Reverse

Machining Modules

2011 Visi 2D Machining

2011 Visi 3D Machining

2011 Visi 5Axis Machining

2011 NC Optimizer

Injection Mold Modules

2011 Visi Mold

2011 Visi Flow Lite

2011 Visi Flow

2011 Visi Electrode

2011 Visi Shoes

Integrated Part Catalog for Mold and Die

2011 Cadenas part Solutions for Mold and Die

Progressive Die Design

2011 Visi Progressive Die

2011 Visi Blank

2011 Visi Flange

Wire EDM Modules

2011 Visi-PEPS Wire

2011 PEPS Wire V8-V19

2011 PEPS Wire EDM

Laser Cutting Modules

2011 Peps Laser Pentacut

2011 Peps Laser Tubecut




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