Various Mill Parts for Sale

These are parts from brand new machines taken off for the CNC conversion process

Way Lube Pumps  $60.00 Ea.

Crank Handles $36.00

Graduated Dials with Hubs and Knurled Lock Rings $45.00

X Acme Screw Support $72.00

Y Acme Screw Support $60.00

Fixed Table Stop $18.00

Table lock Levers $33.00

Adjustable Table Stops $20.00 Ea.

Quill Feed Engage Dis-Engage Lever $24.00

Quill Stop Ring $20.00

Quill Feed Kick Out Lever $18.00

Feed Trip Lever $10.00

Reverse Trip Ball Lever $9.00

Trip Lever Pin $8.00

Quill Feed Range Lever Assy $75.00

Quill Feed Handwheel $32.00

Quill Ruler $20.00

Feed Trip Plunger $18.00

Quill Feed Reverse Knob $16.00

Cam Rod Sleeve Assy $40.00

X Axis Acme Screw $400.00 Mostly 54"

Y Axis Acme Screw $400.00 Mostly for 16" Y Travel (It can be cut down for shorter screw size mill 12" Travel)