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Technical Items For Our Kits and Centroid

This page will have issues for our Kits and Centroid controls

Setting Turns Per Inch Calculator

Measuring Turns Per Inch

Measuring Backlash

Setting Hertz For Inverter Drives Calculator

Smart-Z Use with a Centroid

Re-Set Z Axis Home Procedure Using G28 Old Way

Re-Set Z Axis Home Using G91 On Second Line Of CNC.hom New Way 2009 To Present Day

Using Aux Keys with One Shots On A Centroid

Making a Report and saving to a USB Thumb Drive   You Tube Video


Connecting Cables inside the M400S Console CNC11 Windows Controller

Setting Parameters in Yaskawa V1000 VFD

Using the Z Axis Quill Drive switching between 2 Axis and 3 Axis modes on a Centroid You Tube Video

Exploded View and Parts List of our QU1C and QU2C4 Quill Drives

Exploded View and Parts List of Hardinge EZ Vision Quill Drive

Nedit Editor Manual fo use in the Centroid Control

Centroid CNC10 Mill Manual V2.68

Centroid CNC10 Lathe Manual V2.68

Centroid CNC11 Mill Manual V3.10

Centroid CNC11 Lathe Manual 3.10

Converter for just about anything

Setting Up a network with a Centroid Using Linux

M Series Mill Basic Training Video




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