Elrod Machine & Manufacturing Inc.

3880 E. Route 66 Suite 6

Flagstaff, AZ 86004

928-526-9032 Ph. 928-526-2301 Fax

E Mail sales@elrodmachine.com

The Leading Manufacturer Of CNC Knee Mill Retrofit Hardware and Retrofit Kits

DIY Knee Mill Retrofit
CNC XY Brackets
CNC XY Ball Screws
CNC Yoke
CNC Auto Lube Pump
Fagor DRO's
Servo Power Feeds
Speedy Power Drawbar
AC Pro Drive
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Mill Parts for Sale
Technical Items

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We will be posting links to sights of interest on this page from time to time

CNC - cnc machines information, center for all kinds of cnc, cnc lathe, homemade cnc, cnc articles, market place and cnc news

Mach3 Software  Great For The "DIY" Group http://www.artsoftcontrols.com/

CNC Advisor - Your source for CNC products

http://www.circuitspecialists.com/rollupkeyboard.html This is a link for a sealed keyboard for your M39 or M15 or possibly M400S it is a great product and a steal at $20.00

http://www.bravaviewer.com/download.htm This is a link to a free DXF,DWG file viewer. Works Great.

http://www.ksc.com.hk/sharew/index.html Great place for free utilities!

www.cncci.com This is a link to Mike Lynch, he has a few books on CNC Programming

www.amazon.com Go to amazon and use keyword search CNC

www.cnczone.com This a great website for the avid machinist!

Endpoint Software The home of MillWrite Engraving Software


File Splitter for those of you who do not have unlimited file size on your controller but need to cut a large file.


Unit Converter


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