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Featured Product:

The End Mill to
End All Other End Mills

WEX End Mills

Enhanced Surface Finishes,
Feed Rates and Accuracy

WEX Indexable Insert Endmills and Shoulder Milling Cutters
The wave-shaped cutting edges of our WEX generate lower cutting forces, while the high shear cutting action ensures smooth and accurate performance - even during deep slotting or milling using low rigidity machines. Consisting of heat- and wear-resistant Nano technology coated grades, the WEX's high strength cutting edges substantially enhance feed rates, machining accuracy and surface finish. WEX cutter bodies feature a highly durable surface treatment and an improved method of insert clamping into the pocket.



The unique design of our Metal Slash Mill directs cutting forces into the machine spindle to achieve feed rates of up to 0.078” IPT, even in low rigidity conditions. A four-corner insert (screw on assembly) design yields low tooling costs per part. U.S. stock bodies are available in 2.000” - 4.000” diameters. Available with:
• CS3000 CVD coated grade for high-speed milling of carbon steels and stainless steels
• ACZ310 PVD coated grade for general purpose milling of die steels and cast irons
• ACZ330 PVD coated grade for general purpose milling of steels and stainless steels

Sumitomo Carbide

Sumitomo Electric Carbide is a world leader in the research, development and production of tools for metal cutting industries. Our offering of systems and materials are as varied as your needs.

Turning/Boring Systems
Improve surface finishes and productivity using products from our wide range of turning and boring systems. Our ever-evolving line features the ingenuity and rigidity to handle your most demanding application requirements.


Milling Systems
Solid carbide end mills are ideal for machining most steels and hard-to-cut materials such as Inconelฎ, stainless steels, titanium alloys and tool and die steels. Sumitomo has established itself as a world leader in the aerospace industry with this group of products. Our wide range of indexable end mills feature advanced, high performance characteristics. They are available to perform a variety of operations, including shoulder milling, slotting, ramping, pocketing, drilling and helical boring.


Drill Systems
Sumitomo leads the industry in the design and application of solid carbide drills for steel, cast iron and exotic material drilling applications.


CBN and PCD Grades
Through advanced metallurgy research, Sumitomo provides a wide variety of polycrystalline cubic boron nitrides (CBN) and polycrystalline diamonds (PCD) that contribute to the advancement of technology and cutting tool performance. Ideal for high-speed, high-hardness applications, our CBN can take on alloy steels with hardnesses greater than 45 Rockwell C, as well as a variety of types of cast irons and cast steels. Our PCD grades DA2200, DA150, DA200 and DA90 provide the toughness of cemented carbide and wear resistance of diamond. It was specially developed for machining of non-ferrous materials. This truly revolutionary grade is available for turning, milling, boring and other demanding machining applications.

Ultra Precision cutting and PCD Reamers
Contact ALMT Corp. - Fumihiko Sajima at 800 950-5202 ext. 234 or email
Ultra Precision Cutting (PDF Catalog)
PCD Reamer (PDF Catalog)


High Density PCD Diamond Die Blanks:
• Largest range of sizes
• Most grades offered (1,3,5,12,25 microns)
* Increased abrasion resistance
• Highest percentage of diamond (high density)
Sumicrystal CD Blanks
• Consistant piece to piece uniformity
• Increased die life
• Improved wire finish

Sumitomo Website

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